Monster Mas Events

The Monster Mas events are a critical part of teaching children about rising, and unaddressed topics within education.


Monster Mas is a series that children can grow with. Monster Mas`s character emulates many situations children face in today`s society. Monster Mas, the first book in the series helps children cope with anger management and build a deeper understanding of Bullying in the hopes to stop it. Monster Mas Vs. The Test is the only book on the market that helps students cope with the demanding test and transforms traditional test taking into fun games. Monster Mas Runs for President was created to increase civic participation in children`s education, with the strong benefit of being productive citizens in our society. Enjoy the Monster Mas series and visit the pages for more information on how to extend the series.



MAS 3 cover with MCA

As Monster Mas enters the fourth grade, he surprises himself and his detractors by running for school president!

MAS 2 cover with MCA

Monster Mas’ first year in third grade starts off rough! He is confronted with ‘the test’ on the first day of school and feels like a goldfish in the ocean,

MAS 1 Cover with MCA

Anyone who has ever been frustrated and angry knows it can be hard to keep those feelings bottled up, especially when you’re the new kid at school.

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Visit downloads page for screen savers, coloring pages, and worksheets to educate children about the many benefits of the Monster Mas series.