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Monster Mas Runs for President

As Monster Mas enters the fourth grade, he surprises himself and his detractors by running for school president! He will need to get politics under his belt real fast as his determined opponents, Ronald, Jill, and vern are aggressively competing for classmates’ support for the nomination. Mas isn’t going down without a fight, and uses his special powers to try to get ahead, while the other candidates also have plenty of talent and tricks up their sleeves. The race for president is on!!!

Schools don’t have a set curriculum on teaching politics to students, it is up to individual teachers to teach concepts based on using a Social Studies framework, which provide concepts to be taught. Using Monster Mas Runs for President, students will feel empowered, as they learn concepts of how a president even gets nominated through the primary process. Parents and teachers, please view Just for Teachers tab for extended learning. The book is intended for grades four through six.

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