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The Monster Mas workshops are an integral part in teaching about anti bullying techniques, test taking strategies and dealing with anxiety, and teaching about the United States political scene. The workshops can be tailored to fit every school’s needs, and can run from grades Pre Kindergarten through 12th grade with upper middle school and high school events focusing on the topic of the book, and decisions that can determine where they end up in life. Please use the contact form to inquire about the events.

All workshops include a power point presentation with sound bites, interactive book reading including MONSTER MAS himself, a Question & Answer session, an engaging activity, and a picture taken with Author.

Monster Mas Grades Pre K- 1st grade
Time: 45-55 minutes

Interactive book reading with focus points for controlling anger in different situations. Students role play controlling their anger and discuss the various situations in which Monster Mas is being aggravated. The workshop ends with a drawing activity in which students relate to Monster Mas by thinking of a time they were angry and what strategy from the story they can use in the future.

Monster Mas Grades 2-4
Time: 45-55 minutes

Interactive book reading with a focus on bullying and how to cope with bullying and anger management strategies. Specific references are brought to students’ attention regarding being pushed, laughed at in class, and basic manners. The workshop ends with a song and dance that teaches students how to ‘Help the Bully,’ in an effort to stop bullying.

Monster Mas Grades 5-8
Time: 45-55 minutes

The focus of this workshop is controlling anger, recognizing bullies and how to deal with them, and for students to focus on their education. The workshop starts off with motivational testimony revolving around the author’s hardship growing up and how education was the only way out. An introduction to the story and relation of the main character, as students; are introduced to anger management strategies. At the conclusion of the story, students focus on the cause of Monster Mas’ madness, BULLYING! Group discussion on the effects of bullying with an emphasis on Cyber Bullying using examples of bullying nationwide.

Monster Mas vs. The Test Grades 3-6
Time: 55 minutes

Students engage with testing first hand through Monster Mas’ first experience with testing and how he learns to deal with his anxiety and focus on testing with concrete testing strategies. Students practice with test taking strategies throughout the book with activities and a test taking song that will help them remember what to do on the day of the test and encourage them to go for the ‘4’.

Monster Mas Runs for President Grades 4-6
Time: 55 minutes

Students enter the exciting world of politics first hand, by following Monster Mas’ campaign.

Mas’ campaign trail throughout his fourth grade primary election. During the workshop, the following topics will be addressed: the primary process, campaigning, leadership, platforms, elections, delegates, budgeting, and ethics and fair play. The current elections will be discussed, and at the end of the event students will vote from one of the four candidates in this progressive political book. In addition, your school will receive worksheets to study these topics further.

Writers Workshop Grades 4-8
Time: 55 minutes

This workshop that focuses on all three books in the Monster Mas series.

Day one

The first day of the workshop focuses on Monster Mas, the first book in the series. Students are put into groups and given a section of the book to analyze what they read and write one paragraph and share their report with their classmates. Next students brainstorm what they think the steps are to making their own book. Power Point presentation with a handout of concepts of making their own book with specific references to the development of the Monster Mas book. Students leave with an assignment to start brainstorming in developing their own book.

Day two

On this day, students focus on the second book, Monster Mas Vs. The test. Students are put into groups and asked to pinpoint literary elements found in the book and record them on a handout. Share out of students work. Next, students start to develop their own ideas using the literary elements. The students finish with a planning page and websites available to them to help them publish their own piece of work.

Day three

Students take a look at the format of the third book, and compare elements from the story that coincide with actual events. They learn to take a complex term or situation, and break it down into language younger audiences can understand. This helps students in many ways, and can help them independently learn complex topics on core subjects.

** After school or weekend extension workshops can be organized for schools that would like to have their students complete a finished product with the author.